Duoley tech nail making machine Z94-4c 21.6.1
  • Mould Type: Z94-4c
  • Condition: New
  • Brand: Duoley Tech
  • Place of Origin: Hebei, China.
  • Max Thickness/Diameter: 5.0mm
  • Max Length: 120mm
  • Nail making speed: 250pcs/min
  • Machine Dimension: 2200*1400*1300
  • Nail making machine weight 1.9Ton
  • Power: 4kw, 3 phase, 50Hz
  • Space required: Width 3M * length 5m

Duoley tech is nail making machine manufacturer in the north of China. We have over 30years in nail making machine and wire drawing machine, also nail polishing machine.

Our nail making machine adopts a plunger-type structure so as to ensure more features. Such as high speed, low noise, and less impact. Especially, it can make the high quality of common iron wire nails. Also oil rivet nails and other shaped nails are used for high speed welding nailers and nail guns.

The assortment of our products is complete. The nail machine is used for producing various common nails and special nails. It has wide uses, simple operation, and a reliable run. We can supply various machine parts and necessary fine auxiliaries for you.

Features of high speed nail making machines

  • Keeping the track of latest happening in this domain, we offer the best quality Nail Making Machine. It is used for manufacturing different types of nails. Manufactured in accordance with industry-laid norms, these machines are appreciated for their consistent performance. Our skilled professional conducts various tests to ensure a top-quality product is delivered to the client.
  • User-friendly
  • Compact design
  • High performance
  • Less power consumption

How to use nail making machine making nails?

  1. First, get raw materials, we need to have the low carbon iron wire rod Q195, or nails making wire.
  2. If have a wire drawing machine, can buy some wire rod, then draw it in your factory, then you can get different thickness nails making wire.
  3. If don’t have a wire drawing machine, can just buy nails making iron wire from us. we will ship nail making machines & nails making wire to you together.
  4. One set iron wire drawing machines can supply 7-10 sets nail making machines. If your nails making machines not so many, can just buy nails making wire, because one set iron wire drawing machine cost is much higher than nail making machine. After your nail-making machines getting more, you can try the wire drawing machine.
  5. So now put the nails making wire into the nail making machines, it will start the production automatically.
  6. After you get the ready common iron wire nails, you need to consider whether need a nail polishing machine.
  7. If polished iron nails can sell higher price than unpolished nails, you can get a nail polishing machines.
  8. But if your market the unpolished nails price is not so much higher than polished iron nails, then no need nail polishing machines.
  9. Now we put the ready nails into the nail polishing machines, after 3-4 hours, the nails will be more shinnying. After polishing, the black nails will become bright and shiny.
  10. Then you can pack the polished common iron wire nails into different boxes or bags, also cartons.

Advantage of Z94-C Nail Making Machine:

  • Our machine works automatically, with high speed, low noise, and has fewer impacts.
  • It can feed the materials automatically
  • It adopts the piston and bearing structure to make sure high efficiency, energy-saving, and environmental protection.
  • Also can save much labor, as well as other costs.
  • It is hard and durable.
  • It is easily operated. One person can operate at least 3-4 machines at the same time.

Specification of Z94-4c Nail making machine

Technical dataZ94-1CZ94-2CZ94-3CZ94-4CZ94-5CZ94-6C
Max Diameter1.6mm2.8mm3.4mm4.5mm5.5mm6.5mm
Min Diameter0.9mm1.2mm1.8mm2.8mm3.7mm4.5mm
Max Length25mm50mm75mm100mm150mm200mm
Min Length9mm16mm30mm50mm80mm100mm
Design capacity450pcs/min350pcs/min320pcs/min280pcs/min200pcs/min160pcs/min
Motor Power1.5kw2.2kw3kw4kw5.5kw11kw
Overall Dimension1.4*1*1.3m1.6*1.2*1.3m1.8*1.3*1.5m2.1*1.3*1.5m1.4*1.6*1.7m3.2*2.2*2.2m

How to get nail making machine

Import nail making machines from China

You can buy all different types nail making machines from Duoley Tech, we can offer technical support from Africa.

Buy the second hand from Local, or buy from other countries.

You can try to get a used nail-making machine from your local city, can try to operate it and test the market, if good well, if not good, just stop the nail making business.
Also, you can buy the second-hand nail-making machine from Duoley tech, we can provide the nail making machine from China. Also raw materials.

Buy from Duoley tech agent in your country.

Duoley tech will set more showrooms in African countries step by step. Pls, visit our website for further.

More details you concern

  1. Any inquires will be replied to within HALF DAY.
  2. Before-sale and after-sale service, overseas engineer service is available.
  3. All products have been strictly quality test in our factory before packing.
  4. Free technical training, until customers can operate independently and qualified nail production produced.
  5. Guarantee time: one year since the machine was at buyer’s factory but within 18 months against B/L date.
  6. We can ASSIGN our best technician to the buyer’s factory for installation, debugging, and training.
  7. Customers who buy Duoley Tech nail-making machines can enjoy the subsequent improvements in technology.
  8. Complete installation instructions, circuit diagram, manual operations, and machine layout.
  9. Timely reply for your machine questions, 24 hours support service.
  10. Have African service center.

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