• Inlet wire diameter: 6.5mm
  • Outlet wire diameter: 1.5mm
  • Drawing speed: 270m/min
  • Drums: 5
  • Theoretical capacity: 900-1000kg/h
  • Weight: 2.5Tons
  • Motor: 75kw
  • Outside dimension: 4.75*1.35*2.2m(L*W*H)
  • Voltage: 380V/50HZ
  • Customized accepted
  • Solution terminator for your wire drawing plan
  • Pully type and water tank both available

Usuage of wire drawing machine

Pulley type wire drawing machine is suitable for processing of 8mm-6mm wire rod and various kinds of metal wire, especially suitable for processing
low carbon iron wire, galvanized iron wire, copper wire, aluminum wire, stainless steel wire, rubber hose steel wire, spring wire,
welding wire, etc. Use customer bold type reducer, thickening box body, increase the bearing. If clients have a particular usage, welcome to tell us to make a customized wire drawing machine.

Sepcification of Duoley Tech Wire Drawing Machine

Capstan diametermm400560600800
Drawing diesTimes9999
Inlet wire diametermmΦ2.5-4.5Φ5.5-6.56.5-8.08.0-10
Outlet wire diametermmΦ0.8-1.4Φ1.6-2.0Φ2.0-3.0Φ2.8-3.5
Drawing speedm/s12-1810-158-128-10
Total reduction rate%90.3290.5390.5390.53
Motor powerKw7.5-1522-3722-3737-75

Advantage of Duoley tech Wire Drawing Machine

Duoley Tech wire drawing machine is composed of the main gearbox, mold box, road wheel frame, wire take-up frame, and electrical control system. Each drawing reel is decelerated by two-stage cylindrical gears with different speed ratios by a motor through a gear coupling so that the reel is rotated. Our machine drawing reel is vertical and is installed on the cover box. Wire drawing machine gear pair is immersed in oil. lubricating. The inner wall of the reel is equipped with a cooling water spray device to reduce the residual heat on the surface of the wire transmission line reel after drawing. The drawing die is immersed in cooling water to reduce the working temperature of the die. If you

wire materialiron wire, steel wire, copper wire, aluminum wire,
Inlet wire diameter 6.5/5.5mm
Outlet wire diameter 2.0-3.8mm
weight of wire drawing machine800kgs/drum
Spool diameter 550mm
Motor15KW*drum number +3
Auxiliary equipmentbutt welding machine and pointing machine 
Consumable itemswire drawing powder and wire drawing mould
Advantagelow cost ,high output and long service time
Reel surfaceTungsten carbide coating on the surface

Wire take up system.

Wire take up machine uses adjustable speed motor, in order to be able to automatically cycloid, so that the operation becomes more simple and convenient, also very safe for operators. Also has a remote to control the lifting system.

Wire drawing machine-payoff system 21.6.30

Tension device.

The tension control system plays an important role in the process of wire take-up. It makes the wire rod bear the best tension and keep constant from beginning to end.

wire drawing machine motor 21.6.30

Protection cover.

The machine adopts a fully enclosed protection system, which has good safety performance and can reduce the generation of dust, thus reducing the damage to the electrical and prolonging the mechanical life.

Control cabinet.

The high degree of mechanical automation, all kinds of fault information and processing information are displayed on the screen.

Drawing drum.

The metal drum of the wire drawing machine adopts narrow slot water cooling, which has a good cooling effect. And it is not easy to enter the dust. Our machine drum is sprayed with tungsten carbide coating to prolong the service life.

Wire drawing machine drums system 21.6.30

Derusting machine.

The derusting machine uses high-speed operation to twist the wire rod at different angles to remove the rust on the surface. This is the first step of wire drawing, peeling the wire.

wire pay off system- wire drawing machine 21.6.30

Wire Pay off system.

Pay off system is usually according to the type in the picture, pneumatic lifting pulley, convenient wire threading. we can also produce hydraulic wire pay-off systems.


The inverter cabinet has good heat dissipation performance, hard oxidation surface treatment, good friction resistance, and can effectively prevent dust.

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